W4 is a simple company with a simple mission. We want to help you win. If you're serious about becoming the best possible operator in your industry, then W4 will be serious about helping you reach that goal. If you're not serious about being the best, then we're probably not a good match. We work with winners. Are you in?

Our Vision


Our vision is simple. It's simple because when Wayne and Dian owned and operated Williams Welding with almost 1,000 employees, simplicity was in high demand, but short supply - so we created it!

There's no reason for you to be wasting time sourcing parts, supplies, rental equipment, etc. Your time is valuable and it should be treated as such.


With ONE CALL to W4, we will save your company hours, and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. 

Did you see it? You just read our vision! Let me put some "corporate spin" on this and word differently :)

Be efficient. When our customers win - we win. 

Company Profile


The story of W4 Services began in September of 1976. Wayne and Dian Williams were married on the Second day of the month, and soon after moved to Canadian Texas so that Wayne could employ his skill as a welder in the booming oil field. After a few years, September of 1983 saw the first of two additions to the family when Heston was born. Later, in 1987 a daughter named Brittany was born.


Fast forward to the mid 90's: Wayne and Dian formed the company that later became Williams Welding Inc., and decided to hire their first few employees, one of whom is still working for W-4 today! Though many hours of extremely diligent and painstaking work, the couple built an empire consisting of over 800 employees, and verging on $100mm gross annual sales by 2008. New changes in the economy in 2008, along with other events caused the Williams' to consider their stance and offerings to the local market; thus, W4 Services LLC was formed.


Our name and logo is derived from the fact that the Williams' nuclear family initially consisted of only 4 members, Wayne, Dian, Heston, and Brittany; hence "W4." You may notice an arrow pointing to the right in our logo. This arrow is subtle but carries significant meaning. We as a group are moving forward regardless of hurdles and challenges found in our way. While the "4" in W4 is no longer accurate as our family has grown to include Heston's wife Chloe, the core idea remains. We at W4 are a tight-knit group with a sincere interest in helping people. 


W4 consists of few, but  valuable employees. See their profiles below!


Wayne Williams, President, Managing Member & Co-Founder

         As you already know, Wayne moved to Canadian with his bride in 1976 to chase the oilfield of the day. After learning to weld from his uncle, Wayne then took that bit of skill and honed it into a precise art during his many years and late nights in the field. During those years Wayne gained an immense amount of knowledge regarding the O&G industry. He applies this knowledge today to ensure that every customer of W4 Services LLC has exactly the tools they need, when they need them. You'll often find him with a cup of coffee in his hand, a grin on his face, and a customer trying to figure out his jokes. Wayne enjoys working, volunteering at his local Seventh Day Adventist church, serving on the board at Southwestern Adventist University, and occasionally venturing to the mountains of northern New Mexico for some relaxation.




Dian Williams, Managing Member & Co-Founder

         Dian's story begins on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Her father was an enlisted soldier serving one of many tours with Special Forces. Through many moves around the globe, she eventually ended up in the Amarillo area where she and Wayne first met. Today she applies her many years of experience in our offices. She has a significant skill set that is  unmatched by anyone else in W4. Dian enjoys making pottery, gardening, and crafts.



Heston Williams, Vice President

       Heston began his oilfield experience on the pipeline at the age of 15 throwing skids, dodging snakes, and doping pipe. After graduating high school, he moved to Amarillo where he studied Biology. In 2006, Heston moved to Keene TX where he continued his study of biology, and started studying Geology and Business as well. He now holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with focus on finance and administration. While in University pursing a professional education he met his wife, Chloe. She supports W4 as much as anyone else, and has an incredible work ethic. She's now a Ph.D.-holding College Professor. Heston now applies his accumulated skills by guiding W4 in the direction the members desire. Heston enjoys fly fishing, reading, backpacking, philosophy, and exploring the remote backcountry. 


Misael Blanco

         Misael was one of the original few employees hired by the Williams' in the mid 90's. He is an invaluable asset to our team, and has a long history in the oilfield.  Misael is regarded as one of the most loyal, hard working individuals Wayne has ever met. If you talk to Misael for long enough, you will inevitably hear some amazing stories about his life experiences.


Vicki Fox

         Vicki brings many positive qualities to W4 including an amazing work ethic, attention to detail, and desire to learn. If you call in to our office, you'll likely have the pleasure of speaking with her. She joined the Williams' team in 2008, and has been greatly appreciated ever since! Vicki enjoys everything sports. If there is a sporting event on TV, or live in the area, you can bet that Vicki will be tuned in. 


Luis Garcia

        Luis was introduced to W4 by his uncle, Misael. We watched him work, and within minutes we knew that he was an essential part of our team. His dedication, excellent personality, humor, and desire to complete his work efficiently make Luis quite a valued team member and a joy to work with.


Daniel Light

        Daniel is our highly experienced in-house mechanic. With oilfield and construction experience, his knowledge is invaluable to our team and yours. 



      If you are reading this page, then you are a valued member of the W4 team. Any and all customer input is welcomed! Constructive criticism, suggestions, wish lists, etc. If you see an area where we could serve you better, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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