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Outsourced Procurement

Sourcing equipment and/or supplies is a burden. Let us help with that! Our experience, network, and efficiency will save you time, money, and headaches. Call today! 


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Choose from our expansive fleet of rental equipment including sand blasting rigs, beveling machines, poly-fusion, pressure testing equipment and pneumatic tools, to earth moving equipment, and material handling. 


45-years of construction experience has taught us a thing or two about how to efficiently complete an oilfield construction job. While our consulting services are not cheap, they're less expensive than not hiring us.



The story of W4 Services began in September of 1976 when Wayne and Dian Williams married and moved to Canadian Texas so that Wayne could employ his skill as a welder in the booming oil field. After a few years, September of 1983 saw the first of two additions to the family when Heston was born. Later, in 1987 a daughter named Brittany was born.


Fast forward to the mid 90's: Wayne and Dian formed a company that later became Williams Welding Inc. One of the first two employees is still working for W-4 today! Though many hours of extremely diligent and painstaking work, the couple built an empire consisting of over 800 employees, and nearing $100mm gross annual sales by 2008. New changes in the economy, along with other events caused the Williams' to reconsider their value proposition to the local market; thus, W4 Services LLC was formed.


Our name and logo is derived from the fact that the Williams' nuclear family initially consisted of only 4 members, Wayne, Dian, Heston, and Brittany; hence "W4." You may notice an arrow pointing to the right in our logo. This arrow is subtle but carries significant meaning. We as a group are moving forward regardless of hurdles and challenges in our way. While the "4" in W4 is no longer accurate as our family has grown to include Heston's wife Chloe and Brittany's husband Robby, the core idea remains. We at W4 are a tight-knit group with a sincere interest in helping people. 




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